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Functional Neurological Forum

an international forum for health professionals involved in functional neurological symptoms and disorders


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The Functional Neurological Forum is a new idea to help bring together health professionals internationally who work with patients with functional disorders seen in neurological settings such as


- Functional Movement Disorders

    eg Functional Tremor/Functional Dystonia

- Dissociative (non-epileptic) Seizures/Attacks

- Functional Visual Problems

- and others....


What is the forum for? 

This forum was started in February 2015 by a multidisciplinary  group consisting of Neurology, Physiotherapy, Neuropsychiatry, Occupational Therapy and Neuropsychology


At present we would like to collect contact details from health professionals to inform them of    


1. Meetings specifically about Functional Neurological Disorders

2. Documents and news that may be important to developing services


Can patients and carers join too?

We would also like to include patients who would be interested in working with health professionals in this area.

This is not however a site for patients to obtain information about their condition

If you are a patient looking for information please click on Links for further information


How do I sign up?



How do I take my name off the mailing list?

Please use the messages in the email to unsubscribe


Is the mailing list secure? Who will have access to it? Will I be spammed?

Your details will not be shared with others. The mailing list can only be accessed by the people listed below who started the forum. The mailing


Is anyone making any money from this?

No. There are no  commercial interests at all

Welcome to the Functional Neurological Forum

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Functional Neurological Forum was started by


Jon Stone, Neurologist, Edinburgh, UK

Glenn Nielsen, Neurophysiotherapist, London, UK

Alan Carson, Neuropsychiatrist, Edinburgh, UK

Bridget Mildon, from www.fndhope.org

Sue Humblestone, Occupational Therapist, London, UK

Lesley Morton, Nursing, London UK

Steph Howlett, Psychotherapist, Sheffield, UK

Jason Price, Neuropsychologist, South Tees, UK

Tim Nicholson, Neuropsychiatrist, London, UK